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Singer and songwriter Razia Said is a Malagasy born New Yorker. Her music can be described as Malagasy fusion, reflecting her nomadic life and multicultural background.

The Road, her latest release, nominated for best world beat album in the IMA awards, is a sum up and introspection of a fragile time of her life and is dedicated to her grand mother who passed away in the course of this period.

Despite her wanderings, Razia’s heart and soul remains inexorably tethered to Madagascar and emerges as both a unique voice in the global music scene as well a passionate advocate for the environment.


If Zebu Nation was Razia Said’s explosion onto the world music scene and Akory an evocative and flowering sequel, then her new album, The Road, has the mark of an artist coming into her own, where the beauty of the music is only amplified by the depth of personal exploration.

Said a Malagasy-born New Yorker who mostly sings and writes in Malagasy, raising awareness about environmental and social action through her unique and inspiring voice, with music inspired by the rhythms, melodies and instruments from her childhood. 

Her acclaimed first album Zebu Nation released by Cumbancha in 2010 was the beginning of a long musical journey back to Madagascar. Since then Razia has toured and recorded worldwide.

The Road, Razia’s third album is an introspection on a fragile time in her life and is dedicated to her grandmother, Tombozandry, who raised her and who passed away in the course of this period. Her new album, features collaborations with world-renowned musicians, including master Malagasy salegy guitar player Raledey Vink Bamouaz, Blue Note recording guitarist Lionel Loueke and Emel Matlouthi. Said’s music might reveal a new direction within a greater resonance



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